pwb reliability evaluation


Due to the recent development of a regulation in the EU which banned the use of solder including lead, there has been an increased demand for impropved lead-free soldering technology and the assessment of the reliability of such soldering technologies. At Chemitox, we evaluate the quality of reflow soldering and provide failure analysis as part of our efforts to support companies assess and improve their soldering processes. And it is our "failure analysis" that sets our service apart from others.

From Evaluations to the Analysis of Failures

  • From evaluation to analysis of failures: your one-stop-shop.

We provide a full-set of services related to failure analysis including the cross-sectional observations of solder connections.

  • For the evaluation of the capability of reflow.

Our service can be used to evaluate the wettability of lead-free solder or the formation of solder balls for BGAs and CSPs.

  • As a pre-conditioning procedure for evaluation tests (simulation of thermal history)

The reliability evaluation with a thermal history of the reflow process is extremely important--use us for improved accuracy of evaluation tests.

Characteristics of the Reflow Device

  • Effective on lead-free solder.

5-zone heating allows for a 2-step heating of the reflow zone; this reduces the peak-temperature for longer melting time for the solder.

  • Perfect for high-density mounting boards.

The device employs an independent upper and lower hot air circulation system which reduces the temperature difference between components.

  • For high-precision components of BGAs and CSPs or the formation of solder balls.

With the N2 Generator, Automatic Oxygen Level Control and Temperature Profile Monitor, it prevents the oxidation of solder within a high-temperature range, realizing a reliable soldering of components while maintaining a detailed temperature profile.

For Further Details about these Tests, Contact:
Hitoshi Watanabe (h-watanabe@chemitox.co.jp)