pwb reliability evaluation


When metals or conductive films are in contact with dielectric materials and an electric field and moisture absorption occur, the metal migrates to the surface or inside of the dielectric material--causing an insulation failure. This occurrance is what is referred to as a Migration.

Migration test has become a necessity in order to assess the reliability of substrates, materials or components that accommodate multi-layer, high-density and fine-pitch PWBs and integrated circuits. The causes of migration are often complex, making the accurate determination of the cause extremely difficult--this is why migration tests must be conducted with high accuracy to obtain reliable data.

At Chemitox, the Migration Test and reliability advisory is provided by an experienced expert in related technology using the most cutting-edge high-precision migration tester to ensure maximum reliability.

Notable Characteristics of the Migration Tester

1 Sample-1 Source System
Since each sample is tested with only one power source, there is no influence of voltage between channels even during migration.
Continuous Monitoring during Voltage Application
One of the 3 elements of migration test, the applied voltage can be monitored continuously at the soldering point of the circuit board inside the test chamber.
Constant Control over Applied Voltage
At each channel, the applied voltage is controlled with the accuracy of 0.5V +/-0.3%.
Double-structure Active Guard
This allows for a stable and accurate measurement by cutting out the surrounding inductive noises.

Useful Areas

  • Evaluating the insulation degradation of PWBs (Migration of Cu, Ag, Au and Pb free solder)
  • Evaluating the insulation degradation of solder resists and cover coats (hygroscopic property of films)
  • Evaluating the insulation degradation of circuit components of capacitors (hygroscopic properties)
  • Evaluating the insulation degradation of components of PDPs and LCDs (bias load properties)
  • Evaluating the insulation degradation of integrated circuit boards (hygroscopic properties)

At Chemitox, we also provide the following evaluations and consulting services:

  • Silver Migration Test (Thermal Humidity Bias Test)
  • Through-Hole/Solder Connection Reliability Test (Thermal Shock/Thermal Cycling)
  • Mechanical Strength/Electrical Property Evaluation Tests for Printed Circuit Boards
  • Other Various Environmental Tests

For Further Details about these Tests, Contact:
Hitoshi Watanabe (h-watanabe@chemitox.co.jp)