With the rapid development of electronics, the construction of PWBs has reached a critical level of complexity. And when dealing with such complex constructions, how should you prepare and process UL applications of rigid or flexible boards? How many samples do you need? How should you prepare the samples? There is an infinite number of questions that cannot be answered quite well just by reading the standards.

At Chemitox, we provide answers to these questions. Through our long experience with UL applications for PWBs as well as evaluations under CAP, we have formulated efficient and effective ways to deal with the problems that come to light during the application process. From basic application procedures for PWBs or efficient ways to obtain recognitions to detailed instructions for sample preparation, we provide support services that encompass all aspects of the UL application process. And whether it be a simple procedure or a complex one, all support services are provided by experts in application processing so you can focus on your core business operations worry free.

Furthermore, we provide on-site seminars for various personnels of your company from new employee training, sales personnels, personnels handling applications and engineers. So our service will come in handy whether you require the recognition as a sales and marketing tool or as a quality management tool. Just let us know what your needs are, and we will tailor our seminars in a way that best suits the purpose and participants.

While there are many publications with differing interpretations of various standards, standards are originally written in a manner that does not address a specific need or use. Hence, without a firm grip on how to apply the contents specifically to your products or what exactly a specific requirement purports to address could lead to inefficient use of valuable resources. At Chemitox, experts in UL applications and testing will explain the background and intentions of each requirements and guide you through the application process in a manner that is suited for your product specifically. Please use our consulting service to make the UL application process a smooth sailing.

Some issues that we help solve through our consulting service

  • It's my first time applying for a UL recognition. What should I do?
  • How to apply for buildup boards
  • Client is asking to get a UL recognition fast. How can I speed up the process?
  • How can we make a UL recognition cover as wide of a range as possible?
  • What to do when you fail the test at UL
  • What to do when a variation notice is issued
  • How to prepare samples
  • How to obtain UL recognitions for new products that no existing standard covers
  • Received the sample requirement from UL, but is there a way to reduce the number of samples or reduce associated costs?
  • How to change the parameters of a recognized PWB-type or add new laminates/prepregs, filler inks or solder resists
  • How to change the conditions of a recognized process
  • How to add domestic or foreign factories
  • How to add subcontractors or multiple processors
  • How to apply for flex-rigids
  • What are the UL processes for OEM

Consulting Fee: 50,000 Yen/2 Hours (If over 2 hours, 20,000 Yen per additional hour. Fees for reports, transportation/lodging and other associated fees will be billed separately according to the distance.)

Examples of On-site Seminars

  • Information Session on the UL (for new employees, personnels handling UL related business)
  • How to Utilize UL Recognized Products (for sales personnels, personnels handling UL related business)
  • How to Prepare Samples (for engineers, personnels working at the production site)
  • Explanation of UL Standards (for personnels handling UL related business, engineers)

We Plan Seminars that Meets Specific Needs!

On-site Seminar Fee: 50,000 Yen/2 Hours (If over 2 hours, 20,000 Yen per additional hour. Fees for reports, transportation/lodging and other associated fees will be billed separately according to the distance.)

For Further Details, Contact:
Kuniko Ito (k-ito@chemitox.co.jp)