pwb reliability evaluation


We provide consulting services for increased reliability through process improvements of PWBs. By using our evaluation services in combination with our consulting service, you can improve the overall product performance in an effective and efficient manner.

At Chemitox, experts who have been in charge of quality checks and quality management for PWBs at various PWB manufacturers and end-users provide you with support for quality improvements and yield ratios. For quality management issues at offshore factories or contract manufacturers, we provide support for software in addition to technical support in combination with our reliability evaluation services.

When it comes to the manufacturing of PWBs, how you implement and sustain a sound quality management system, and how quickly the causes of defects are detected and determined are crucial in achieving an improved production management. To support you move towards your goals, we provide speedy failure analysis at affordable prices.

Utilize our services in a way that best suits your practices and solve issues that is preventing you reach your goals.

For Further Details about Reliability Tests, Contact:
Hitoshi Watanabe (h-watanabe@chemitox.co.jp)