pwb reliability evaluation


Making improvements on the reliability of PWBs requires 2 things: a reliability evaluation test with high accuracy and the appropriate feedback of the test results to the designing guidelines. And an accurate and precise failure analysis of the defects holds significant weight in realizing this. These information obtained from the failure analysis can be used to build and implement appropriate preventative measures to further solidify the reliability of the PWB.

At Chemitox, we do not just perform tests. We provide answers through our thorough failure analysis. It is not the fact that a failure occurred that is important, but rather, the significance lies in determining why the failure occurred. Our experienced analysts, analysis devices, cooperation with various research institutions and extensive network make this possible.

Key Analysis Services

Migration Analysis
  • Dendrites
  • Determination of CAFs
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Analysis of Impurities
dendrites from the migration test

PTH Connection Analysis
  • Dendrites
  • Detection of Cracks
  • Elemental Analysis of Deposits
cross-section of the corner of a PTH

Solder Connection Analysis
  • Detection of Disconnections
  • Cross-Sectional Observation of Destroyed Area
  • Analysis of Deposited Metal

Multilayer Board Analysis
  • Cross-Sectional Observation of Delaminations
  • Analysis of Laminate Composition
  • Analysis of Deposited Metal
cross-section of a multilayer board

Ask us about our Consulting Service! We provide advisory services for developing effective prevention measures for failures drawing upon accumulated testing data and experience.

For Further Details about these Tests, Contact:
Hitoshi Watanabe (h-watanabe@chemitox.co.jp)