other evaluation and testing


Chemitox provides product safety tests for IT products, medical appliances, industrial equipment, and for a wide variety of electrical equipments.

UL (US), CSA (Canada), DME (Australia), S+ (Swiss)

We assist and support customers to obtain globally-recognized certifications. Under our program, you have the choice in the test location. If you want the tests to be conducted in Japan, necessary tests will be performed using our facilities under supervision of inspectors from respective certification bodies.

In recent years, the competitive landscape has been fast-changing and evolving. The market has become increasingly demanding, and in response, the time-to-market and speedy product development have become a critical factor in the success of a business. While product safety is definitely a significant component of a successful product, to manage this rapidly changing business environment and stay competitive, one can only allocate a limited amount of time to product safety evaluation--this is why the certification process must be done in an effective and efficient way. At Chemitox, we review the test content in depth beforehand to maximize the effectiveness of the tests. Then an engineer from the product certification body supervises the actual testing process, minimizing the time necessary for the certification process.

CE Marking

Chemitox provides EU Standard testing services. Testing is a requirement for CE Mark certification for equipment covered by the Low Voltage Directive which includes data processing devices, power supply units, measuring equipment, control equipment, and laboratory equipment. We also provide conformity evaluations and consultation for these devices. CE Marking tests can be conducted at Yamanashi or Tokyo facility.

Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ)

Chemitox has a close relationship with SIQ, an institution authorized by the Slovenian Government (National Certification Body). The CB Certificate is given out very promptly by conducting confirmation tests at SIQ, being a certificate given out under the rules of the global mutual certification system. This certification is accepted worldwide and is useful in obtaining certification in many other countries.

For Further Details about these Tests, Contact:
Takaaki Nittono (t-nittono@chemitox.co.jp)