other evaluation and testing


We can also perform tests and evaluations not designated under UL CAP or A2LA. Whether it be specific requests about methodology or applicable standards, we will make sure we meet your needs. So feel free to ask us about any test of methodology not discussed! While we may not be able to carry out every test requested, we will find a facility (domestic or international) that can carry it out for you using our extensive business network and ties with research institutions. For your reference, we have listed some of the tests that we have experience with:

Test Applicable Standard
FMVSS 302 Flammability FMVSS 302
Dielectric Constant/Dielectric Dissipation Factor (100 Hz- 15 MHz) JIS C2101
Attenuation of Static Electricity -
Surface/Volume Resistivity for Conductive Plastics -
Thermal Deflection JIS K7207
Ball Pressure (1 Temperature) IEC 60695-10-2
IEC 60335-1
Infrared Analysis (IR) -
Thermogravimetry -
Differential Scanning Calorimetry -
Thermal Conductivity -
VW-1 Burning UL224
Oxygen Index JIS K7201
ASTM D2863
Dielectric Strength JIS C2110
JIS K6911
Tensile Strength JIS K7113
JIS K6911
IEC 60065 20.2
Horizontal Burning TOYOTA Automobile Engineering Standard
MO 500
Vertical Burning DENAN

For further information about these tests, contact:
Hiroaki Fujioka (hi-fujioka@chemitox.co.jp)