The CAP was implemented by UL in 1994 to allow clients to receive UL Recognitions in a more timely and efficient manner. Under this program, testing laboratories with appropriate quality control systems are allowed to submit test data directly to UL, providing significant improvements in the efficiency of the recognition process and a substantial reduction of time-to-market related to the process.

As we saw the opportunity associated with this newly introduced program, we quickly took actions to take advantage of this opportunity. And soon after, we were granted a CAP Certification for plastic materials. Since then, our scope of testing under CAP has continuously expanded to include more materials and more tests. Below, you can see the list of CAP Engineering Certifications we currently hold.

Scope of CAP Certification

Flammability Test
Mechanical Property Test
Electrical Property Test
Long-term Thermal Aging Test
Wire Positioning Devices

For Further Details about these Tests,Contact:
Kuniko Ito (k-ito@chemitox.co.jp)