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Basic Policy
Chemitox, Inc. (hereinafter “Chemitox”) recognizes that test specimens and related information as well as translated documents received from clients contain highly important information for or about the clients. Therefore, Chemitox has made strenuous efforts to build an appropriate protection and employee training system, including confidentiality agreements with both internal and external employees. When Chemitox entrusts a client’s business to a third party, Chemitox shall sign a Non - Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as requested by client.

Proprietary Information Policy
Chemitox constantly strives to secure and manage client related information according to the Proprietary Information Policy.

Protection of Clients’ Corporate Information
Private information supplied to Chemitox shall not be supplied to third parties, apart from the exceptions detailed below:
In cases where Chemitox obtained prior permission and acceptance from the clients.
In cases where Chemitox outsources its business to an external business partner.
Chemitox shall only outsource its business to fully trusted partners. By signing an NDA with those partners, Chemitox ensures that proprietary information is managed and handled properly.
In cases where Chemitox is called upon to provide information by relevant legal officers or a third-party auditors, etc.

Chemitox shall disclose proprietary information when a request is made based on the law.

Chemitox’s Definition of Proprietary Information
For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the term “Proprietary Information” means specific information which is essential to the conduct of the business by Chemitox and its client and is given as follows;

Development status, release date, sales planning and other related information of specific products, related products or services.
Specifications, functions and other related technical information of specific products, related products or services.
Any information related to the internal business of Chemitox.
  Any information related to the clients.
  Other information designated as proprietary information specifically.

Protection of Intellectually Property
Chemitox recognizes the significance of patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, brand name and intellectual property rights such as domain name, copyright, and shall strive to maintain, control and protect these rights. Chemitox respects other companies’ intellectual property rights and shall not violate nor abuse them.