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1975 - 1980s
1975.09 Current CEO, Koichi Nakayama established Chemitox
1977.05 Began application processing service for UL 746D Molder Program
1977.06 Installed UL 94 Flammability testing facility
1979.01 Began application processing service for UL 746B Long-term Thermal Aging for plastic materials
1981.03 Began application processing service for evaluation of metallized parts with the establishment of evaluation methods
1982.11 Began testing service for determining the effectiveness of EMI Shields on plastic materials
1986.03 Began application processing cervice for plastics under CSA with the establishment of CSA Certification Program
1989.05 Began application for UL's PWB Surface Mounting Certification Program
1991.03 Began environmental testing services including Vibration and High-Temperature High-Humidity Tests
1993.06 Began consulting service for ISO 9000
1994.02 Acquired certification of UL CAP Administrative
1994.04 Acquired certification of UL CAP Engineering for plastic materials
1998.07 Acquired certification from A2LA as a testing laboratory in accordance with ISO Guide 25
1998.11 Acquired certification of UL CAP Engineering for Insulation Systems
1999.06 Acquired certification of UL CAP Engineering for PWBs and Laminates
2000.04 Opened Yamanashi Testing Center
2001.08 Began dielectric constant measurement service
2005.01 Began chemical analysis service for RoHS Environmentally Hazardous Chemical Substances
2005.06 Purchased a 5-story building in 1-1-5 Minami Senzoku, Ohta-ku, Tokyo
2005.08 Established subsidiary Keihin Chemitox, Inc. (Shinjo, Yamagata)
2006.02 Purchased a 4-story building in 1-14-18 Kamiikedai, Ohta-ku, Tokyo
2008.09 Began photovoltaic testing service
2008.10 Formed a business tie-up with ReachLaw Ltd. (Helsinki, Finland) for EU REACH consulting services
2008.10 Opened Photovoltaic Testing Lab 1 (Fire tests) in Yamanashi Testing Center
2009.01 Participated in the PV EXPO 2009
2009.04 Opened Photovoltaic Testing Lab 2 (Environmental tests) in Yamanashi Testing Center
2010 -
2010.03 Participated in the PV EXPO 2010. Presented “Safety Standard for PV”
2010.06 Participated in the JPCA Show 2010. Exhibited “Safety Evaluation for LED”
2011.02 Opened Photovoltaic Testing Lab 3 (Tests used Solar Simulator) in Yamanashi Testing Center
2011.03 Participated in the PV EXPO 2011.
2011.04 Head office relocation (From Tokyo to Yamanashi), to reduce risks from nuclear power plant accident
2011.07 Opened Photovoltaic Testing Lab 4 (Radiant Panel Test) in Yamanashi Testing Center
2011.07 Head office relocation (Back to Tokyo)
2011.08 Held seminar and lab tour on photovoltaic testing labs with Hokuto-city in Yamanashi
2011.09 Held mini-seminars on UL recognition service
2012.01 Opened Yamagata Testing Center
2012.04 Held mini-seminars on UL recognition, PV, and other Testing
2012.06 Set up international business unit
2012.06 Began photovoltaic NOCT testing service
2012.08 Began photovoltaic PID field experiment
2012.09 Began 10kW solar power generation
2012.10 Held seminar on photovoltaic reliability and PID field experiment
2013.01 Held seminar on PID field experiment and maintenance of solar power system