about us


Chemitox began operation in September 1975 with the ambition of establishing a globally-recognized Independent Testing Laboratory in Japan. We specialize in the evaluation and testing of electric/electronic appliances, and the materials and components used in them, complying with all domestic and foreign safety standards. We also provide application services for product/material certification, and technical consulting for product design.

Chemitox provides safety evaluations for a wide range of products from basic materials to the end product. We specialize in the evaluation of plastic materials, laminates, insulation systems, and information appliances. We are especially experienced in Long- Term Thermal Aging (LTTA) Testing for plastic materials and laminates, having conducted over 300 tests with over 35 years of experience in the field. Currently, we are expanding our LTTA testing facilities located in Yamanashi and Yamagata. Additionally, Chemitox is the only company in Japan that conducts evaluation and testing for insulating materials used in motors, transformers, solenoid, relays, etc. under the CAP. Knowledge and experience with printed wiring boards (PWBs), basic components of all today's electric appliances, is another specialty of ours. Our laboratory certifications include being a member of the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Client Agency Program and the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.

At Chemitox we always put our clients first by supporting them with the newest technology and information concerning product safety. We provide quality service that enables the product certification process to be smooth and time efficient. We are proud to say that we presently have over 500 clients. We hope that you take interest in our company, and that in the near future we can assist you with our numerous product safety services.